Ben Reinhart

Software Developer


I am a 24 year old software developer relentlessly trying to become a better me. I build rich UIs and the backend that supports them. My specialty is JavaScript/CoffeeScript but I also work with Ruby and, as of recently, Clojure. That being said, I'm constantly looking for excuses to learn new languages and broaden my experience.

I currently work at Groupon on an internal API written in Clojure. Before that I was writing Node.js and Rails applications that power Groupon's consumer facing web product.

I'm happiest when I'm working on projects, which I open source as much as possible, and playing drums.

I believe in mentorship and have mentored for Starter League students as well as taught a workshop series for alumni there. I've also presented at UXMad and Chicago's Node.js meetup.

You can find me on twitter as @benjreinhart, contact me at or view my LinkedIn profile.

I may or may not write on my blog.